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30mm x 60mm NFC Rope Label (50 Pack)

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Specifically designed for use on fibre ropes, our label has a high-tack adhesive and takes biro ink well.

The 50-Pack of rope labels is unsuitable for printing as the labels are cut individually. Get in touch if you would like a roll of printable NFC Rope Labels. 

Pair with our 35mm lengths of heat shrink for the most robust solution (sold separately).

Minimum rope diameter: 5.5mm

This tag is not suitable for use on metal surfaces. 


NFC tag quantity discounts available:

  • 20-49 Packs — 5% Discount
  • 50-99 Packs — 10% Discount
  • 100-199 Packs — 15% Discount
  • 200+ Packs — Contact Us 

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